Joystick Token (JOY)

Joystick Token (Symbol: JOY) is the reward/governance token of Drawshop Kingdom Reverse(DKR). It is the main means of interacting in the game ecosystem.

During the gameplay, users can earn JOY and use it to trade and purchase various items/NFT in the marketplace, and participate in the governance by proposing and voting on improvement proposals, UCC polls, and various world events.

Value Accrual

JOY is designed to capture a portion of Drawshop's revenue, allowing its value to scale by the growth of the game. DKR distributes a portion of the game revenue to JOY stakers pro-rata to their stake, benefitting stakers as the game grows — stakers of JOY are incentivized to propose, discuss, and vote for proposals that further improve the game.


The JOY token is used during the gameplay

  • NFT Minting fee : Fee required to mint machines and dolls into an NFT

  • Machines & Dolls upgrade fee : Fee required to upgrade machines and dolls to upper level

  • Create Avatar NFT fee : Fee required to create a new avatar from two original avatars

  • Festival participation fee : Fee required to participate in a Festival

  • NFT Gacha Contract fee : Fee required to utilize Gacha contracts

In addition to the above, JOY holders can participate in the governance of the game by staking their tokens on the governance pool.

  • Vote for World Festival Location: JOY holders can choose where the Festival will be held. The World Land owners can earn rewards by voting on their land (TBD)

  • UCC Polling: JOY holders can vote on which content will be added to the game.

  • DAO Governance: JOY holders can propose and vote for proposals to game improvements, DAO operations such as community fund usage, and future roadmaps.

Token Distributions

With the capped total supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) JOY tokens, these tokens are allocated as follows:





6 years of linear emission

Ecosystem Community Fund



50% distributed first, followed by 3 years of vesting

Liquidity Provider Reward



4 years of linear emission




6 month lockup, 2 year vesting




6 month lockup, 2 year vesting





  • Play-To-Earn: Distributed to users during the gameplay.

  • Ecosystem Community Fund: Used to form and grow DKR ecosystem (e.g. Airdrop, Creator Reward, ...) In the future, the fund usage can be controllable with governance multi-sig.

  • Liquidity Provider Reward: Distributed as a reward to JOY-KLAY LP stakers.

  • Team: Used for developing and operating the DKR.

  • Investors: Allocated for early investors and partners who help build an early-stage ecosystem.

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