JOY loves cheerfulness 24/7, 7 days a week. That's why we decided to hold Festivals!

JOY holds a festival in the World for fun and pleasure! Now, let me explain to you what a Festival is. First, All the lands in the World take turns and host parties called Regular Festival.

And there is another type of Festival. It's called the Voting Festival! The holders of of the sJOY token will vote to decide which land in the World shall be hosting the festival. sJOY means a stacked JOY token, which will be described in further details later in the Governance Staking page. The basics of Regular Festival and Voting Festival are the same, but Voting Festival can take place in the same area continuously. Now, do you feel the need to participate in voting?

Are you ready to participate in the Festival? Players can pay a certain amount of JOY tokens to join the party.

  • Minority Game

  • Squid Game

  • Mafia Game

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors Mind Game

  • Avatar Survival

  • UCC Contest

  • etc...

At the end of the festival, a portion of the JOY tokens collected as participation fee will be paid as prize money to the winner, and some will be paid to the owner of the land where the festival was held, as a return for providing the venue.

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