World Land

JOY created a space for our avatars to freely roam around!

The World is a JOYful place where you can communicate with other players and enjoy games together. You can talk to other avatars, make friends, run your own NFT Gatcha Contracts, and relish the moment in the festival. In addition, you can build your own gallery with beautiful Pixel Arts.

Basically, before you get World Land NFT, you start with an avatar at a local land where you learn about necessary information like dolls, machines, and buffs that will be used in running your store. The biggest difference between local land and the World Land is that in local land, you do not need any other NFTs than your own avatar to manage your place.


If you already own a World Land NFT, you can have your avatar deployed in the place and open up your store. The required number of deployed avatars depends on the Land's rarity.

World Land RarityRequired Number of Avatars to Open a StoreLand Size













After opening up, other players can visit your place in the World. The number of users who can visit your place is limited by the size of the Land. And when more players can visit, it will inevitably increase the revenue of your store.

Another important fact to note is the Governance Factor in a Festival. In the World, festivals are held under various conditions. During this festival, you can earn more JOY tokens and by having players visit your wonderfully decorated place you can claim a generous amount of rewards. Imagine your Land in the World being designated as the festive area. Isn't it just thrilling?


The World Land supply policy is as follows.

N=Number  of  Accounts  with  AvatarsK=Correction  Valuetn=Prev  World  Map  Generate  Timetn+1=Next  World  Map  Generation  Voting  Timefavg(tn,tn+1)=f(tn)+f(tn+1)+f(tn+2)++f(tn+1)tn+1tn=1tn+1tnk=tntn+1f(k)R=To  Vote  or  NotN=Current  World  Land  CountR={0(favg(tn,tn+1)<N+K)1(Otherwise)N = Number\;of\;Accounts\;with\; Avatars \\ K = Correction\;Value \\ t_n = Prev\;World\;Map\;Generate\;Time\\ t_{n+1} = Next\;World\;Map\;Generation\;Voting\;Time \\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline f_{avg}(t_n,\,t_{n+1}) = \frac{f(t_n)+f(t_n+1)+f(t_n+2)+\cdots+f(t_{n+1})}{t_{n+1}-t_n} \\ = \frac{1}{t_{n+1}-t_n}\sum_{k=t_n}^{t_{n+1}}f(k) \\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline R = To\;Vote\;or\;Not\\ N = Current\;World\;Land\;Count \\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline R = \left \{ \begin{array} {cc} \quad0\quad\quad(f_{avg}(t_n,\,t_{n+1}) < N + K) \\ 1\quad\quad\quad\quad\,(Otherwise)\quad\quad \end{array} \right. \\
  • One World Map contains 4,900 (70 x 70) lands.

  • K = Calibrating constant

  • When R becomes 1, Governance Poll is generated that can create a World Map.

  • This thereby creates a chance to create the World Map depending on the total number of unique wallet accounts with avatars.

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