Let me introduce to you the Drawshop Kingdom Reverse!

Drawshop Kingdom Reverse is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) based P2E, NFT game! You must be connected to Klaytn blockchain in order to participate in the DKR World. Moreover, keep in mind that you must have at least one Avatar NFT in your Kaikas, Klip or Metamask wallets!

After decorating your store with NFT and Pixel Arts, you can build your own strategies. When you have developed your store to a certain level, you can enjoy the consulting content and win rewards by engaging in PvP with other players using NFT. Also, at a Festival, which is a core content that takes place in lands of DKR, players can interact with others and obtain JOY tokens as a result!

Use JOY tokens not only to enrich your store, but also to gain governance voting rights and exert your influence in society. DAO in DKR is what you want from the game and what you make with your own bare hands.

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