Followings are descriptions of partners who have happily given a hand to help JOY.

JOY is still clumsy in creating the WORLD, since all JOY ever did was have FUN. However, JOY's effort to travel around other worlds and build networks was not wasted. JOY now works to build the Metaverse of Worlds with the help of several other partnering projects!

Klaytn Foundation

Klaytn is a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea and is now undergoing global business expansion from its international base in Singapore. These business expansion activities are supported by the US$500m Klaytn Growth Fund, which aims to grow the ecosystem of companies built on Klaytn. The fund is managed and disbursed by Klaytn Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization established in August 2021.


DOPE (Dawn of the Pixel Empire) is composed of passionate members with unique talents endeavoring to achieve true innovation in web3 space. DOPE is a Social-fi P2E game living 100% on Ethereum blockchain, where DOPE NFT holders can earn $DOPES. In this social-fi network, players will form alliances, negotiate with or even betray other players to maximize $DOPES profit.


The game company “PANGSKY” and MASS C&G, which designed the mascots called Suho-rang and Bandabi for the PyeongChang Olympics, collaboratively initiated the PANGSKY platform’s first project — LIMBUS. LIMBUS aims to launch a causal P2E game using a tarot card theme, differentiating itself entirely from traditional IPs. Explore Genesis NFTs on the PANGSKY platform that has released various games, including Abyss, Mukhon, RF Online, and Gosu Online.


SYLTARE is a P2E game of the TCG genre, where two players with decks (SYLTARE) consisting of 5 cards each will battle each other. Experts in various fields, including Youhyun Kim , an ex-professional poker player, are building a deceitfully simple yet addictive game. We believe it’s essential to make sure SYLTARE doesn’t become a pay-to-win but rather a game of strategy , skills , and a bit of luck


KNS is a domain name service on Klaytn blockchain in partnership with Krust, replacing long and hard-to-remember wallet addresses with simple and human-readable domains. Get you .klay domain and you on-chain identity.


A World where everything you can imagine becomes reality , an experiential metaverse ‘ Meta Oasis ‘ Metaoasis is a global target universal metaverse platform established by Metarian, a subsidiary of klay ape club, pursuing LIFE TO EARN. Core content in METAOASIS includes :Asset Building, Tact Suit and Meta Call

Zombie Culture Club

Be part of the zombie universe through governance, be involved, and become a Genesis zombie NFT holder!Holders will be able to participate in the production and management of all upcoming content! Holder benefits • Portion of royalty saved to provide benefit to holders through ZCC Fund • 2nd Gen. NFT 1:1 Airdrop / Whitelist for future Takeone Projects • Token Private Sale & mining function • Purchase land on the Sandbox and provide ZCC content • NFT Persona casting for webtoon/animation/Video Productions


Adoonga:MetaCity is an NFT Blockchain building simulation game designed as the P2E model in which players can claim profits from decorate and strategically manage player’s building and district it. Pucca’s father VoozClub, which is running various character businesses, has been engaged in various media activities through Adoonga, and this time, we will successfully expand the Adoonga universe through P2E. This project is funded by Woori Technology investment co,. LTD.

Klay Kingdoms

Klay Kingdoms is a GameFi/MetaFi project constructed in the metaverse in which users can earn profits by enjoying an interesting strategic RPG game by making use of its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets.

Klay Kingdoms is also a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) service that provides virtual currency liquidity from metaverses in the form of fantasy pixel art and allows additional interest farming through staking. This allows users to gain additional profits and have fun through various strategic game elements all while enjoying the game’s retro aesthetics and sensibilities. The Klay Kingdoms team is re-interpreting and developing this model, aiming to be the Game-Fi MMORPG of the Klaytn ecosystem.


“Due to an unknown massive explosion, the Earth has become a hostile place to live in…”

The detonation caused fissures in the dimension, and Abysses (dimensional rifts) were created all over the Earth. a civilian organization called Bolter started to emerge, and you are the commander of Bolter. You must fend off enemies who invade Bolter, obtain supplies by exploring the surroundings, and ultimately make Bolter safer. APEX's powerful drones, zombies with mana, and other Bolters are threats that you confront.

It is a team of experienced producers from game development companies such as Kakao Entertainment, Krafton and Linegames, as well as experienced advisors such as DKR, Sheepfarm and MetaKongz.


ZEP is a company that runs a metaverse platform, found jointly by SUPERCAT and NAVER Z. Metaverse platform ZEP is constantly integrating various blockchains and NFT technologies to create and expand metaverse with various project communities.

SUPERCAT is a game development/publisher company that is specialized in unique dotted-graphic games. Their game technology is famously known for their recent success with a mobile MMORPG game called “Kingdom of the Winds : Yeon”. They are also servicing a game development tool called “Nekoland” in an open platform. Recently, they have newly released an update to a game called “ Granny’s House” by incorporating blockchain technology, turning it to a global P2E game. In 2020, they have won awards from multiple sectors such as “Best Game Award 2020” and “best Gaming Startup Award 2020”, recognized by South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Association of Internet and Digital Entertainment.

NAVER Z is the company that operates “ZEPETO” Asia’s largest metaverse platform, serving 250million members globally.

Through our partnership, we are gearing up to synergistically expand the horizons of our metaverses and games. Furthermore, the partnership will be granting the DKR project team a surplus opportunity to learn and adopt ZEP’s development skills and know-how, as well as their direct technical support. Last, but not least, we can happily announce that the founder of ZEP has decided to invest in our project as an angel investor.


Meetopia, anew metaverse world where there exist adventures full of excitement! MeeCats team will build an easy to access NFT-based game ecosystem,

MeeCats project was found in January 2021, and has been developing over a year, analyzing and benchmarking global NFT project called Cool Cats. MeeCats aims to develop Meetopia (Metaverse) containing Gamified Ecosystem, where players can experience everything being incorporated organically into the game, inclusive of PFP NFT, Tokens and on-chain NFTs.


KLAYDICE is a project that connects the rapidly growing virtual worlds (P2E games, SNS, metaverse, etc.) into one world using the KLAYDICE NFT. KLAYDICE is a P2E version of its traditional version mobile game, Dicast: Rules of Chaos, which has 800K global users and 1M downloads on app stores and will be the first P2E game launched this year.


ZeroXGakuen is a anime-inspired PFP collection on Ethereum blockchain, featuring 10,000 unique NFTs designed by SJ. ( ) Our aim is to build a Web3.0 anime ecosystem that integrates decentralized anime production, community-governed metaverse and VTubers powered by NFTs.

The Meta Toy DragonZ

The Meta Toy DragonZ is a P2E GAME NFT project based on Generative Pixel Art. Expect the growth and battle of Toy Dragons to take over the throne of the toy world. It promises a precise game economy system and holder governance.

Idle Ninja

Idle Ninja Online(INO) is Korea’s No. 1 blockchain-based P2E Mobile RPG where players get to grow their ninjas and experience a unique game style of idle and action play. INO implemented its own token(NINKY) and NFT(INARI) to further intertwine the INO world with the blockchain system.


KlayDino is a series of collectible PFP NFT (V1 and V2) arts powered by the Klaytn chain and born with a purpose to save the Earth and animal friends. KlayDino ultimately wants to have a positive influence over the world and people. Join the green wave together with KlayDinos!

Through our partnership, we are gearing up to synergistically expand the horizons of our metaverses. Moreover, we plan to throw various collaborative events, starting with the event described below!

Meta Adventure

Meta Adventure is an NFT collection based on the Klaytn blockchain. Ownership of the NFT will give you access to your avatar in our Metaverse, which will continuously host more games and other content over time. Your avatar will be able to play our P2E games and, by doing so, acquire Meta Gaming Tokens (MGT), our in-game currency. This currency will have many uses, including upgrading your NFT stats and traits but also getting them the most adequate outfit for the trials he’s about to face!

Through our partnership, we are gearing up to synergistically expand the horizons of our metaverses. Moreover, we plan to throw various collaborative events, so please stay tuned!


KLAY APE CLUB consists of 10,000 Apes that are infected by the Happy Virus. Created by HappyD (Happy Duck) who is an owner of a content-creating company and also a web-cartoonist, simply owning these apes will infect you with the Happy Virus that makes you laugh like those APEs!

Through this partnership, both companies gear up and synergistically expand the grounds of our businesses. Moreover, we plan to throw various collaborative events, so please stay tuned for our latest updates!

Meta Kongz

Can you believe that you can change the world by pioneering a new utopia through the Meta Kongz Project? The world of 10,000 kongz is a multi-universe, and kongz exist everywhere. Would you like to change the world together?

Extra large-scale metaverse project of genius developer Lee Duhee and Kongz team representing Korea! Our goal is to globalize K-NFT with the wind of Hallyu such as K-POP.

Sheepfarm in Meta-land (NIGHTINGALE INTERACTIVE)

Sheepfarm in Meta-land is also a P2E project built on the Klaytn network. It allows players to own metaverse pastures and run their own farm, where they can make a profit by raising sheep. This is an upcycling project of the original game “Sheepfarm in Sugarland,” which was available as a social web and mobile game for over a decade.

Through this partnership, both projects will share project blueprints and host a variety of collaborative events and activities. As a result of this liaison, Sheepfarm’s operational expertise in P2E projects will be shared with DKR on an ongoing basis in order to accelerate its growth.

Klay Rabbit

Klay Rabbit is a project that has strong expertise in creating offline goods and emojis. Through their project, they hope to expand accessibilities of NFTs and NFT markets!

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