Pixel Arts

JOY is interested in not only entertainment, but also aesthetics!

Do you want to decorate the World Land with style? DKR offers a wide variety of Pixel Arts to make your Drawshops more vibrant and beautiful! The following Pixel Arts are prepared for you.

  • Interior Decor

  • Exterior Decor

  • Movement Object

  • etc.

Make an eye-pleasing store with numerous Decor that can decorate both the inside and outside of the store. In addition, placing Movement Object in the store will create a more dynamic and exciting scene. Think about a cute cat walking around the store. Besides we are preparing various Pixel Arts.

It would be sad if the role of Pixel Arts just ended there. Some Pixel Arts are endowed with special effects! For example, it can increase the maximum number of people who can visit the World Land at once or provide exceptional interactions with other players that visit your store.


Below is the Pixel Arts supply policy.

  • There will not be a set amount for the supply of pixel arts (a.k.a decorations) because the market will naturally keep the flow going.

  • NFT from UCC polling and supplies from the developers will continuously provide fine pixel arts.

  • The initial supply is 3,000-pixel arts but it may be increased in the future.

Create a beautifully crafted Drawshop that is envied by everyone else!

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