NFT Gacha Contract

Your chance to be an actual Drawshop owner!

Are you prepared with a vast land in the World and minted machines that are ready-to-go? Then, you are qualified to manage DKR's Gacha System! Use your machines to give out rewards as you wish and set the chance of drawing dolls also as you wish. Even the cost of other players playing a game with your machine is completely up to you. Promote your unique drawshop to others and become an actual owner of a drawshop! Others will visit your store and open their wallets upon falling in love with your breathtaking NFTs.

A Gacha contract is generated when NFT-fied machines are placed in the World. Through this contract, you can establish your own probability settings by putting in in-game goods or NFTs.

Can you put only DKR's NFT in?

Surprisingly, you can insert any kind of KIP-17 protocol's NFTs that run on the Klaytn blockchain network. NFTs of other blockchain networks (Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, etc.) will also be gradually supported.

Do you recall Festivals? When Festivals take place in your part of the World, it brings in synergistic effect with the NFT Gacha contract. For instance, players who participate in the Festival will spectate your NFTs in the machines, and will increase the chances of them playing your draw machines. We are looking forward to the day when the Festival is finally held in the World. Let's all take time to pray to JOY!

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