JOY hopes that Players would compete in a friendly manner, which will positively affect them in operating their drawshop!

This is a content where players compete against each other using combinations of machines and dolls they own. Compete against other players using various combinations and strategies, in a map that changes every other season!

In PvP mode, competition begins as customers(NPCs) patrol both players' drawshop. As customers enter the shop and use the machines, the durability of the machine and dolls will be consumed. Customers will always take patrols and use machines from both shops, and the player's shop who loses all dolls or machines destroyed will lose.

PVP runs in a seasonal basis, and there will be new map per each season that requires players to develop different strategies or doll combinations. In different maps, different placement of machines will be needed, and having strategic placement would trigger doll's buff effects that increases chance of winning the battle greatly. When a player wins a PVP match, their ratings will increase. At the end of every season, players will be rewarded with JOY Token and other valuable prizes, depending on the players' ratings. Utilize efficient machines and dolls to create buffs and showcase your strategies in PVP matches!

Rating System

Rating algorithm is based on ELO Rating, and added a few factors that are unique to our game.

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