DKR Whitepaper


Here are some milestones we will walk through with JOY God!
JOY realized that there are many things to consider when designing a universe. For the first time, JOY felt tired, but she was strongly motivated by the idea of constructing a JOYful World.
JOY created faithful workers and plans to develop Drawshop Kingdom Reverse World as below.

2022 January

  • Project Launch - Team of developers from Krafton, KakaoEnt and Global Tech companies
  • Fundraising by Angel Investors - Shin Hyun Sung from Terra - Lee Si Won from Siwon-School - Choi Joon from Encore Company
  • Launching of DKR Community

2022 February

  • Release of White-paper
  • Release of Avatar Rarity chart
  • DKR Avatar and Land NFT pre-sale - Rarity depends on each Avatar's race and parts, which determines in-game abilities
  • Various airdrop events

2022 March

  • DKR Avatar and Land public sale
  • Public Release - The game and NFT development - How each DKR Avatar was created and its developmental process - Types of NFTs : Detailed info on different types of Dolls and Machines - Relationship between Land events and Governance
  • Events for DKR Avatar and Land holders
  • JOY Token Airdrop for DKR Avatar and Land holders

2022 Q2

  • Listing on CEX - Huobi, Gate, MEXC
  • Launching of NFT-Fi
    - Credits are accrued as a reward for staking NFTs before the release of the alpha version
    - Users can play JOY & Credit Gacha machines to win something bigger than their bets.
    - $JOY can be used in the NFT Shop to buy DKR's NFTs or those from other collaborating projects.
    - Daily quests spiced up the fun and incentivized staking more NFTs.

2022 Q3

  • Launching of DKR-Metaverse in Web Platform (August) - VotingEscrow with sJOY - Land-Fi - Festival
  • Launching of the Hypermarket
  • Enhancing NFT-Fi - Rewarding System and additional playable via JOY
  • Game Quest ( - Play3 : Decentralized Gamers platform to reward players via quest rewards and onboard new players.
  • Drawshop Day Event - Large-scale event to promote launch of DKR World.

2022 Q4

  • Launching of DKR Release Version (December) - Web & PC versions - Gacha Contract - Local Play - PvP - Several Festival games are patched
  • Launching of JOY Treasury System - A system that distributes all cryptocurrencies (KLAY, JOY, etc.) that were accumulated via activities within the ecosystem to sJOY holders.
  • Launching of JOY Liquidity Pool - If the LP Pool is not launched due to circumstances, the allocated JOY will be reallocated to the P2E Pool.
2023 ~
  • Porting of DKR Mobile Version
  • Babiliy & World-Land Governance
  • Additions of Festival Games
  • Incorporation of Guild System
  • Advancements in Metaverse
  • Advancements in Hypermarket
More information will be released soon