Team members who are working along with JOY!


After planning the Roadmap, JOY realized that the scope of work could not be done alone. Nolatency is a JOY's creation of intelligent, faithful and hardworking workers, designed sorely to support JOY in building the new World. Shall we meet those births of JOY?


Our team consists of faithful and hardworking workers created by JOY.


Tailer's background experience includes game-development from Krafton and other game publishers, and several other Web/App service development companies. In more recent years, he developed a Blockchain test-net, and led several projects as CTO. In Drawshop Kingdom Reverse project, Tailer sits as Project's General Director.


Jade has worked as a Developer for Krafton, PATI Games and many other game development companies for the last 11+ years. Specific to his experience in PATI Games, he was one of the initial members of the game "아이러브커피," which brought huge success. He believes that the DKR project is the place where he can showcase all of his know-how and insights from his experience. In this project, he works as Lead Game Developer.


Jeff worked as a Developer for the last 10+ years from various start-ups such as "Devsisters" and "People Fund" (P2P fintech Investment platform). Currently in the DKR project, Jeff leads web platform development. He joined the project as pure interest for Blockchain businesses that utilize in-game intellectual properties (IPs). Jeff has a strong belief in the success of DKR projects via the incorporation of cute IPs into P2E / DeFi games.


Patrick has been working as a Smart Contract Developer for the last 5 years. Together with Tailer, he has been deeply involved in various blockchain projects. In the DKR project, he is leading Smart Contract development and integration. He believes that the DKR project is the true P2E game where both the joy of playing the game and profit earning have been fully incorporated.


Hudson is a Full-stack Engineer. He has worked as a founding member of a startup for the last 7 years. Since 2017, Hudson has developed various DeFi projects with TVL $100M+ from several blockchains such as Ethereum. Tailer scouted Hudson, and he joined the DKR project believing that he can build an addictive Tycoon game incorporating various crypto features such as P2E. He will be working with Patrick to build various blockchain contracts such as Staking Pool and Governance Pool.


Tony worked as a Project Manager and Game Designer for various game development companies such as Krafton and PATI Games for the last 10 years. While his initial experience is based on various PC and mobile RPG genre games, he has moved onto more exciting startup projects in recent years. There he met Tailer, and joined the DKR project. With his experience, he is working as a Project Manager and Game Designer for the DKR project. Tony believes that the DKR project will be the first-ever successful P2E game that has fully incorporated NFT and P2E into in-game contents. Through close collaboration between teammates, he believes that DKR will reach the moon in no time!


Anna worked as a Graphic Designer for Krafton and many other game development companies for the last 7 years. She is a professional in all artistic aspects including but not limited to 2D, 3D, UI/UX, animations, effects and video. While she had an interest in designing adorable dotted-style games, she was reached out by Tailer right on time, and hence she joined the project. In the DKR project, Anna works as the Lead Graphic Designer, obviously pulling out all of her experiences. She will work all her best to make sure that any player would find DKR NFTs such as Avatars too adorable to resist!


Having graduated from one of the world-class universities in America, the School of Dentistry, Mercury sought various experiences beyond his studies. He has experience as Radio DJ in U.S. Army as well as educational profession in the U.S. Mercury finds working with the DKR project exciting and most of all - JOYful, as he loves networking and connecting with new people. As of his interest, he decided to join the DKR project as Community Manager, where he hopes to build a community where everyone would dream of a new JOYful event that may happen the next day.


Sky worked as Tech Sales and Product Manager in an IT Tech company for 8 years that has grown from a startup with monthly revenue of $10k to a current global MNC with a net worth of several billion dollars. During his time in the IT company, he was mesmerized by blockchain technology and decided to join the DKR project out of the strong will to build experience in DeFi and P2E games. In the DKR project, Sky takes the role of Community and Partnership Manager. He believes that the DKR project will be the perfection of all P2E games where both DeFi and gaming aspects are fully incorporated into a single game, and therefore, undoubtedly successful.

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