Drawshop Worldview

Welcome to Drawshop Kingdom Reverse!

Welcome to JOY God’s Drawshop World where it is vibrant with jubilant energy! Are you interested in managing a drawshop? JOY God wants you! Open your very own store in JOY God’s world and enjoy the game by interacting directly with the other chosen ones in the form of avatars. You can earn P2E currency called JOY tokens by running a store, and even hosting a festival by participating in DAO governance and earning numerous doll and machine NFTs! JOY God’s creations in the metaverse will be embodiments of everything you have imagined so far!


In the beginning, there existed a lazy God JOY. While other Gods worked tirelessly to build up the world based on their philosophies, JOY was always too busy searching for entertainment. JOY neglected her basic duty as a God to create a universe where JOY could give meaning to her creations, and always wandered around other Gods' universes, looking for fun.

One day, JOY visited Earth, a universe created by an unknown God. There, JOY encountered a drawshop where several people were engrossed in playing crane machines. Being the God of fun, JOY could not resist but to try out the crane machine. As JOY found own-self playing with the crane machine overnight, JOY finally decided on the universe that needs to be created.

JOY's decision : Drawshop Kingdom Reverse! A world where creations do not eat or sleep, but rely on drawshop for a living! People will be creating new machines and dolls to play crane game, and make income just for playing in drawshop the whole day. Heaven for drawshop maniac has now opening!

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