JOY wants more avatars to explore the World!

Do you happen to have both male and female avatars? Fateful encounters between the chosen avatars are also one of JOY's grand plans.

If you pay JOY tokens as a birth cost, after a while, new avatars that are influenced by their parents' parts and abilities will be created. Of course, there will be mutations occasionally! The cost of giving birth to new avatars will increase as the parent avatars give more births to offspring.


The supply of avatars is determined by the number of 1st generation avatars using the following equation.

Qs=Total  Supply    (a)N=Initial  Supply  (b)Fr=Expected  Female  Ratio(c)R={Fr(Fr0.5)1Fr(Otherwise)Qs=N(1+R)kQm=Male  SupplyQf=Female  SupplyV=WeightS(x)=Additional  WeightP(V)=Female  Minting  ProbabilityFr=RQfRQm+RQfVP(V)=FrVS(x)Q_s = Total\;Supply \quad\quad\quad\quad\quad\;\;\,\cdots(a) \\ N = Initial\;Supply\quad\quad\quad\quad\quad\;\cdots(b) \\ F_r = Expected\;Female\;Ratio\quad\cdots(c) \\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline R=\left \{ \begin{array} {cc} F_r\quad\quad(F_r\leq0.5) \\ 1-F_r\quad (Otherwise) \end{array} \right. \\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline Q_s = N * (1 + R)^k \\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline Q_m = Male\;Supply \\ Q_f = Female\;Supply \\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline V = Weight \\ S(x) = Additional\;Weight \\ P(V) = Female\;Minting\;Probability \\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline F_r = \frac { RQ_f }{ RQ_m + RQ_f } * V\\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline P(V) = F_r * V * S(x)
  • RQ = Current supply of avatars

  • Fr = Ideal ratio of supplied female avatars (currently 0.4)

  • V = Supply of avatars compared to the weighted variance in probability

  • S(x) = Additional weighted variance included to elaborately control male to female avatar ratio

  • P(V) = Variable probability that the next avatar is a female depending on the current gender ratio of the avatars

  • k = The first generation avatars' maximum bability count

While new avatars are being created, you must leave them to JOY. Please keep in mind that these avatars will be unavailable to roam around the World Land (because they are locked up in a contract), and will not be able to be transferred to another player. Let's leave it up to JOY's wondrous powers and patiently wait for the outcome.

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