Machines & Dolls

Take a look at two crucial elements in playing DKR!


The first thing you need for managing a store is machines. To play the game, you need machines to place your dolls and have customers draw them. Also, machines come in various colors (RGB variation * 4 parts), so go ahead and pick your favorite color!

You can place dolls in machines placed in local lands, and NPCs who visit your drawshop will pay with coins and popularity currencies! These currencies are separate from the JOY tokens, and mainly used to upgrade dolls and machines, and expand your store.

At initial acquisition, a machine is at 1-star level and can evolve up to 6-stars. What good will evolution do? Machine stats such as revenue, durability, probability of dolls getting drawed, machine usage time, etc will be upgraded to collect more in-game currencies.

Acquired in-game machines are not minted into NFT right away. Only machines that have grown to a certain degree can be minted into NFTs using JOY tokens. Minting them into NFTs will additionally endow machines with special abilities.

These NFT minted machines can be placed in the World, and other players who visit your land can use them! The specifics will be introduced on the next page, NFT Gatcha Contract.


Please take your time to fully appreciate JOY's collection of cute creations. You can place these dolls in machines placed in local lands to obtain in-game currencies such as coins and popularities.

Additionally, these dolls are not just cute. If you place different dolls with the same synergistic effects, a buff is activated. Invoking a buff will maximize store profits and strategic use of these buffs will get you higher ratings in PvP, so find the best strategy using the cards handed to you.

Likewise, dolls can evolve as well. Dolls upon initial acquisition start at D level, and they can evolve up to U++ level. The price of evolved dolls escalates greatly and they will help you acquire a greater amount of in-game currencies.

Dolls are also not minted into NFT from the start. If you evolve them into a certain grade, you can mint them into NFTs by paying some JOY tokens. NFT minted dolls are additionally endowed with special abilities. Just like you would with the machines, upgrade your dolls to another level when you need certain buffs or when you simply like them!


The supply policy for dolls and machines is as follows.

According  to  (a)(c)Qs=N(1+R)kKmachine=Const  Machine  Count  per  AvatarsKdoll=Const  Doll  Count  per  MachinesQmachine=QsKmachineQdoll=QmachineKdollAccording\;to\;(a)\sim(c) \\ Q_s = N * (1 + R)^k \\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline K_{machine} = Const\;Machine\;Count\;per \;Avatars \\ K_{doll} = Const\;Doll\;Count\;per \;Machines\\ \begin{array}{cc} \end{array} \newline Q_{machine} = Q_s * K_{machine} \\ Q_{doll} = Q_{machine} * K_{doll} \\

When new contents are released or at the beginning of the ecosystem, machines and dolls will be supplied flexibly according to the number of unique wallet accounts that hold avatars.

  • On average, 6 dolls are required per machine.

  • An average game will run on 5~15 machines (30~90 dolls).

    • Acquisition of all dolls and machines used in games will not require a higher level of abilities from the players.

  • Machines and dolls that have not yet been minted can be minted into NFT using JOY tokens.

    • The initial supply of machines is 5,000. For dolls, it is 20,000.

    • For any shortage in supply, machines and dolls that are gained while playing the actual game will be used to supplement it.

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