This is a page that introduces corporates and private investors who trust our vision and chose to walk with us!


Krust is the holding company in charge of all of Kakao’s overseas ventures. Headquartered in Singapore, it seeks to discover and invest in projects with high growth potential globally. Krust operates alongside Klaytn Foundation, a non-profit organisation which disburses grants to accelerate ecosystem growth on Klaytn.

“Krust supports Klaytn’s vision to be the Metaverse blockchain for all. Through this investment, we see massive potential in the DKR team and their project to be a cornerstone project in the Klaytn’s metaverse. With their great passion for gaming, deep knowledge of crypto tokenomics and excellent development capabilities, we believe that DKR will be at the forefront of Global P2E Games.” says a spokesperson from Krust.


F3V, the crypto intelligence group, was founded in 2022 by eminent developers and investors in the crypto-industry to help early-stage teams bootstrap their projects by financial and strategic investments.

F3V have been the builders and the residents of the crypto world, and now they accelerate the migration to the world we live in.

Presto Labs

We’re a quantitative trading firm, established in Singapore back in 2014. We build automated trading systems fueled by data-driven quantitative analysis to achieve stable and sustainable investment returns.

Our engineering teams do what humans do best — create algorithmic decision processes in order to achieve what no human trader ever could in today’s fast-changing, unbelievably complex financial world.


ATTN stands for Attention, the most powerful currency in today’s world.

It all started with one small belief: to turn dreams into reality and inspire future generations.

Today, ATTN is home to the most successful and influential Esports organization in SEA and is becoming one of the largest player in the region for gaming and entertainment. Our businesses are operating in the fastest growing segments such as streaming, mobile gaming, and creator economy united by an align mission to become an integral asset to the young generation.

Sky Vision Capital

SkyVision Capital (SVC) is a crypto advisory company that accelerates disruption in the blockchain space. SkyVision Capital has assisted many projects built on different ecosystems such as Klaytyn, Terra, Solana, and Secret Network. The venture team has a strong investment thesis within the Play-2-Earn and Metaverse adoption.

Private Investors

The following list of private investors have funded our project!

  • Siwon Lee, the founder of Siwon School.

  • Joon Oh, the executive director of Atinum Partners.

  • Joon Choi, the founder of Encore Company.

  • Wonbae Kim, the founder of SUPERCAT, NAVER ZEP.

  • Johnny Seo, the CEO of Kakao Style.

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