These charming creations by JOY are avatars!

An avatar is an essential NFT that literally represents you in the metaverse. You must own at least one avatar to participate in the DKR World activities, and you can use your avatar to explore the world and even visit other players' lands. You with an avatar are a chosen one by JOY and a unique member of the DKR World. Be proud of yourself!


Using many parts, races, and RGB variations, innumerous units (combinations of approximately 3 million RGB variations * tens of heads, bodies, genders, parts, and accessories) of unique avatars are generated.

There are various parts to avatars. When the avatars were created, JOY distributed scoops of helpful skills to them that can be utilized in the DKR World. Each part contains a variety of abilities and rarer parts will have better stats. The followings are examples.

  • Reduction in Drawing Time: Customers who visit the store will spend less time using the machine! The turnover rate of the store will increase, which in turn will increase the overall revenue.

  • Increase in Revenue: You will make more profit every time a customer draws a doll. You'll be looking at a rapidly growing store!

  • Increase in Buff effect of Dolls: The special effects that come from combining particular dolls will become more powerful. You'll see the true worth of this effect in PvP!

  • Increase in Movement Speed: Avatar's movement speed increases. It'll be useful during the Festival.

  • etc.

These abilities will be applied when you are in PvP Arena, World Land, and Festivals.

Oh, and you must be curious about how special your avatar is right? Refer to the following Parts page and check out its components and genetic factors! A rarer avatar has stronger abilities.


Moreover, you can create new avatars with just two avatars! For details, please read the Bability page.


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