JOY is merciful! Consulting is a newbie-coaching program for players to adapt to DKR quickly!

Consulting is a feature where players can quickly learn about facts on utilizing Machines, Dolls, various stat-points and other tips running a Drawshop. It can be considered as a stage in an RPG game. You can obtain in-game currencies quickly by playing this content, and you can also earn JOY tokens at the beginning of the game's life cycle even just with an avatar.

The reason why Consulting supports earning JOY Token is to enable newly starting users without a Land (considered relatively expensive) to make a profit and grow in-game. This lowers barriers of entry to the game where PvP and earnings through running a Drawshop on a Land. Through Consulting, we aim to provide a smooth transition from beginners to intermediate players.

However, as the Consulting feature is meant for early access players who join at the game's launch, there will be a limited pool of JOY tokens allocated for Consulting. Once the pool runs out over time, a Token reward will no longer be available for Consulting.

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